Monday, 6 June 2011

E is for....Exams

The DS is sitting GCSE's. An upside of working from home is being able to help with revision, provide moral support and generally keep him fed and watered during the day. He has been surprisingly diligent and organised (infinitely more so than I was!) so I am confident he will do well.

An unexpected plus side to science revision in particular has been the improvement in my knowledge of dye chemistry. Amazingly, all those covalent bonds, heterocyclic compounds and reduction reactions make much more sense now than they ever did when I was 16. Maybe having a reason to understand them makes it easier? I actually have a genuine interest in learning more. I don't think I'll be re-sitting chemistry any time soon but I am now going back to my dye chemistry text books with much more enthusiasm. Isn't it funny the way life works out sometimes?

(ps. This isn't working for maths - that is strictly Dad's territory! Surds anyone?).

pps. This post was brought to you by the ABC meme. For more exciting ABC's, check out the list here


pinkundine said...

Good luck to DS! It's funny how stuff we learned in school finally starts to make sense when it actually applies to stuff we care about now we're adults, isn't it?

Sara said...

Good luck to DS! Ditto what pinkundine said. How very true!

GirlAnachronismE said...

Good luck to your DS! And I challenge anybody to find a use for SURDS in real life!

NorthernDyes said...

Good luck to him on exams! I'm sure he'll do fine. My parents never helped me study, but then again, I'm pretty sure I never asked them, lol! (My father has a masters in obscure mathematics... you NEVER asked a math question without a tangential, 45min answer!)

I've got to ask though, what is "SURDS"?

Debbie said...

Thanks peeps! Last maths exam on Friday (with tech in the afternoon) then just geography to go....

Emma, you are the first person (apart from Will's maths teacher) who has even heard of surds let alone knows what to do with them so one housepoint to you! Not one of our friends with maths degrees has even heard of them.

Maybe we are too old eh, Libby? :( (the earth is flat, right?).

NorthernDyes said...

I'd ask my dad if he's heard of it, but I'm too afraid that he has and the examples would take hours!

(Re: the earth being flat, I hope you didn't help Will revise for the geography test....)

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