Monday, 10 December 2007

Catch up post-Harrogate

I just looked back at my last post and realised it wasn't even in December (I don't think a late-posted draft really counts!). Where does the time go?

We had a great time at the Knitting & Stitching Show in Harrogate. The exhibitions were, as ever, fabulous. It is brilliant to see so much new talent, clearly brimming with new, innovative ideas and amazing creativity. Just standing on the stall is like watching a moving exhibition as visitors go by in their gorgeous creations, funky hairdos and great tattoos.

Thankfully my beaded knitting workshop was a sell-out most days so I didn't feel like "Billy-no-mates with no-one to teach! I was very nervous but the groups were all lovely and everyone said they'd enjoyed it (altho' I don't suppose you would be mean if you hadn't!).

Here is a pic of one of the groups and a work in progress.

I was amazed how quickly everyone progressed - some had almost finished the bracelet by the time the session ended and it was only an hour!

Vicky, Jacky and Lisa visit Eyam

This post was interrupted by the loss of the card for my digital camera.

As I've now found it, I thought I should say hi and thank you to Vicky, Lisa and Jacky and sorry for taking so long with the pics! (especially as I had Vicky's the following day!).

Here's what the post said...

This month's hand dyeing workshop was a blast. Tales of extreme knitting exploits and plans for more fun and frolics with pins and string were shared as we cooked up some delicious skeins. Talk of trips to Devon and Cornwall made me long for sunshine, surf and cream teas (not necessarily in that order!) - (Note to self: must book a trip away for next year very soon). We missed out on our annual jaunt this year what with the extension etc. and I feel the need for a peaceful week in a cosy cottage, listening to the birdsong and enjoying the fresh air.

As Vicky creates a very interesting green/brown combo (above), don't be fooled by this rather serious pic of Jacky and Lisa - they may look like they are debating nuclear vs solar energy on Question Time but we were actually discussing the relative merits of David Duchovny vs Brad Pitt : )
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