Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Belated Birthday!

My birthday falls the same weekend as Woolfest which means that I spend a good chunk of it folding catalogues/weighing dyes/labelling etc. etc. Usually we manage to squeeze in some birthday celebrations but this year we were way behind, even more behind than normal, so we abandoned plans for birthday partying until after the end of June. Of course, as is the way with these things, one weekend after another went by, each one with lots of things to keep us busy. Anyway, eventually Pete said if I didn't write a birthday list I was going to get a serious ticking off (!).

So, one sunny weekend in October I awoke to breakfast in bed, cards and gifts, a fantastic cake and a day being waited on hand and foot. What could be better?

And some of my lovely gifts.....

Remember my lovely handmade boots? Well, Pete asked Phil, the guy who made them, to make me a pen wallet to match. And this is it. Isn't it fab? It's so soft and will be a perfect addition to my collection of pink handbag accessories....

And to go with the pen? Courtesy of Mrs Yarn Yard I discovered a site with a fantastic selection of coloured inks. Difficult as it was to choose, I narrowed it down to this one - not only is it the most luscious shade of purple, but it even smells of violets - so cool! Feelin' that "flowery" prose folks ! (sorry).

 After my henna painting session on holiday, Pete tracked down this great kit from the States. There are some gorgeous designs in the book and I can't wait to give it a try (do you think this one might be a bit ambitious for a first attempt?).

There was also this yummy bundle of scented heavenly-ness (note the "was"). Vicky's lovely gift, being from Lush, didn't make it anywhere close to October! So I've cheated a bit and borrowed a pic from those masters of cosmetic wizardry - now you know why I spend so long in the shower!

 And, before you do yourselves an injustice laughing at this next one, I am trying to get fit - yes, you heard it right. So, I don't do jogging/running, can't bear aerobics or any form of bootcamp style organised exercise, am too soft to swim at this time of year, and am struggling to get to the gym. I do, however, love dancing and seeing as I can't get out to classes I thought this would be a bit of a laugh. (Confession time: I already own a dancemat and I have been known to sneak onto the arcade dance machines when we're on holiday). I haven't tried it yet, but I'll let you know how I get on (and which ward I'm on for the get well cards!). Glee here I come!!!

New Arrival!

 A new baby to knit for  : ))

Welcome to little Pardis and congratulations to the proud parents.

(Now, where's my pink yarn?.....)

October clubs - The Day Dream

I'm a real fan of the Pre-Raphaelites and Dante Gabriel Rossetti is definitely in my top three. This month's inspiration was from one of my personal favourite works, The Day Dream. Painted in 1880 and said to be inspired by William Morris' wife, Jane, she is langorous, seductive yet somehow unattainable (which is just as well if she was based on someone else's wife!).

I softened the tones for the Falkland roving as the colour will intensify on spinning.

And for richness and texture, Fibre Adventure Club added silk noil and the curly sheen of soft grey Gotland x Shropshire fleece.

Sock club was a layer-dyed semi-solid on a superwash Bluefaced Leicester yarn.

What happened to October?

Whistlestop tour of highlights from October.....

29th October was the first gig of a friend's new band, Navigation Road. (For those of you not au fait with the area, Navigation Road is probably most famous as a stop on the Met to Altrincham!). It was a great night with a good turnout from Will's teachers (the guitarist is a science teacher at Will's school). Looking forward to the next gig at Flaming Galah in Alty on 10 December - see you there!

30th October - Marigolds akimbo with a day spent cleaning the bathrooms, then into Domestic Goddess mode with a spot of baking. Just pass me the polish for that halo!

31st October - The totally awesome Robert Plant and Band of Joy at the Palace. We could only get seats in the circle so the view wasn't great but The Man was amazing and well worth the crushed legs and overpriced canned beer : )).  Reworked versions of some of my favourite Led Zep classics were spellbinding and the new work, if a little on the country side for me at times, was still great.He might be over 60 but he still rocks (and I still would).

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

ps. "I Spy" books

Good old Google. After my last post I was curious to find out what happened to I Spy books so I did a quick search and I'm amazed to say that they have been relaunched! The covers have changed (I'm not sure about the big Michelin Man on the front, but hey ho). This is the one I remember best from my childhood. I wonder if you can still send off your finished book to Big Chief I Spy? Ah, fond memories....

(pps. I don't think there actually was an I Spy book of hospitals, just in case you were a bit concerned from the last post).

Tassimo - best bargain find ever!

Anyone remember "I Spy" books? Well, the last few years have seen me collect more stamps in my "I-Spy Book of Hospitals" than I care to think about. That said, there is an upside to all the hospital appointments (apart from all the benefits that come from having the NHS in general, that is).

The first is trips to Fuel cafe bar in Withington. Awesome breakfasts and veggie food, great coffee and a great atmosphere. This is our post-hospital treat, a chance to wind down after what have been some fraught and some less fraught, appointments/scans/tests etc.

The second was a bit of a one-off. Fuel, being in a student area, doesn't open until 11am. We were a bit early so decided to wander round the charity shops as we like to look for old bits of furniture, books etc. As we wandered round the Age UK shop, I spotted a Tassimo coffee maker. I have wanted one of these for just ages but couldn't quite justify the price tag when I have a perfectly serviceable cafetiere. BUT, this one was a bargain price and the cash would go to a great cause, too, so needless to say, I snapped it up. It is now cleaned up and has pride of place in my kitchen. (And it makes great coffee in less than a minute - amazing!). Hopefully this will save me from my Starbucks withdrawal symptoms since I gave up working in town : )
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