Tuesday, 2 November 2010

ps. "I Spy" books

Good old Google. After my last post I was curious to find out what happened to I Spy books so I did a quick search and I'm amazed to say that they have been relaunched! The covers have changed (I'm not sure about the big Michelin Man on the front, but hey ho). This is the one I remember best from my childhood. I wonder if you can still send off your finished book to Big Chief I Spy? Ah, fond memories....

(pps. I don't think there actually was an I Spy book of hospitals, just in case you were a bit concerned from the last post).


Anonymous said...

Hey i am suuper boy

Shani said...

I so wish you could - but suspect they are now out of print. I have come across a book about weaving, which I must have had given to me when I was about 6 (we bought them from the milkmen - just went to look for it, but have put it somewhere safe !!).

Love looking back on simpler times, and wishing we can bring the good things forward for our kids/grandchildren to enjoy..

hugs Shani

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