Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Tassimo - best bargain find ever!

Anyone remember "I Spy" books? Well, the last few years have seen me collect more stamps in my "I-Spy Book of Hospitals" than I care to think about. That said, there is an upside to all the hospital appointments (apart from all the benefits that come from having the NHS in general, that is).

The first is trips to Fuel cafe bar in Withington. Awesome breakfasts and veggie food, great coffee and a great atmosphere. This is our post-hospital treat, a chance to wind down after what have been some fraught and some less fraught, appointments/scans/tests etc.

The second was a bit of a one-off. Fuel, being in a student area, doesn't open until 11am. We were a bit early so decided to wander round the charity shops as we like to look for old bits of furniture, books etc. As we wandered round the Age UK shop, I spotted a Tassimo coffee maker. I have wanted one of these for just ages but couldn't quite justify the price tag when I have a perfectly serviceable cafetiere. BUT, this one was a bargain price and the cash would go to a great cause, too, so needless to say, I snapped it up. It is now cleaned up and has pride of place in my kitchen. (And it makes great coffee in less than a minute - amazing!). Hopefully this will save me from my Starbucks withdrawal symptoms since I gave up working in town : )


natalie said...

I think I need to pay you a visit...

Debbie said...

You are welcome any time : )

Crobbles said...

Our post hospital treat was a visit to Yo Sushi. I understand how important those little treats are.
Do you still get to make the froth with that wonderful little jug? P and i will be over to check it out soon :-)

Debbie said...

Yes, we can still make frothy coffee in the jug : )

Looking forward to seeing you and P.


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