Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Wonderwool vouchers available now!

Newsletter subscribers, your Wonderwool Wales vouchers are on the way : )

To claim your discount, simply print off the newsletter and bring it along for 5% off all purchases (and then stand back and wait while I try to calculate 5% of even the simplest of numbers!). (Note to self: must.bring.calculator).

If you're not a subscriber yet, you can sign up here and still receive your voucher. I'll be processing requests until late Thursday.

Hope to see you there : ))


Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Oh crikey - is it really Wonderwool already???

Very quick post to say that sock and fibre clubs were posted today, so it's postie-stalking time : )

Don't want to spoil the surprise but sock club members are getting a special treat this month - an exclusive preview of my brand new sock yarn! No clues but I just love it - softness, squishiness and total sock-knitability. There's a DK version too, perfect for slightly thicker socks and for those who find regular sock yarn too fine to work with. I've two DK patterns ready and two more on the way - more news of which to follow so watch this space!

Am panicking like mad about Wonderwool - so far, forgot to order more credit card slips (hopefully now on the way), ran out of gripseal bags and carrier bags and kit bags - aaargh! Had to buy (lots) more plastic storage boxes because....

....Yes, we have a brand new range of acid dyes and dye kits launching at Wonderwool!

Lots of new yarns (and dyes of course), so need lots more storage space, new display stands etc. etc.

Our new catalogue will also be available so make sure you pick up a copy.

Have lots of photos and news of recent events, but if I don't crack on I won't be sleeping between now and Wonderwool, so I'll sign off and hope to see you at the weekend!
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