Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Enter entrelac

Ever volunteered for something then realised you have no idea how you're going to do whatever it is you've just enlisted for? Yes, that was me when I suggested to Deb at Simply Knitting that I do the next tech feature and pattern on entrelac knitting. It's funny how some knitting techniques just pass you by and entrelac was one such technique for me. Anyway, lots of research and practicing later, I figured I'd cracked it. Not only that, it was heaps more fun than I expected. It was also an excuse to dye up some of our scrumptious super chunky pure wool yarn. The mag comes out on 28 Feb so it will be interesting to see whether it looks as nice as it was to knit! Can't put a pic on as the finished cushion went straight to Simply Knitting, but here are some of the new colours in the yarn....

Wot no.... decorator

Was completely bushed yesterday after a frantic week doing next month's tech feature and pattern for Simply Knitting. No rest for the wicked tho' as the decorator was due to arrive today to tidy up the paintwork and finish off the decorating in the kitchen. So last night we had to shift all the furniture in the living room (again), putting it all in the middle so the decorator could get to all the walls. We gave up at 1.30am and collapsed into bed. This morning the phone rings - the decorator has rung in sick - aaaargh!!! Of course, I hope he's better soon and feel bad that he's not well, but the thought of spending a week living (literally) in the middle of a pile of boxes is enough to make me look for the nearest travelodge! Oh well, I'm sure we'll get by - at least it's an excuse to go to our fabulous all-you-can-eat £10 indian buffet restaurant. Wow, I can smell those paneer tikka kebabs already - yum!

Workshops find a new home

Last year my workshops were held in the prettiest little village in Derbyshire (Eyam), at Deirdre Gage's lovely Woolgathering gallery. Sadly, in January, Deirdre called to let me know that she was moving on to pastures new. And so began the hunt for a new venue. Little did I know how difficult this would be! Lots of phone calls, visits, emails and discussions later and I wasn't much further forward. Then the scout leader at Will's scout group came to my rescue with the offer to rent their scout hall. It's only available on Saturdays so I've had to move my course days, but at least it's a start while I keep looking for a mid-week venue. I have to confess that suburban Sale isn't as picturesque as Eyam, but the hall has tons of space and is much easier to get to. It's close to the metrolink so hopefully everyone will be able to get there and it's even handy for Manchester city centre, the Trafford Centre and the new Chill factor-e (indoor ski centre) for the non-dyeing members of the party!

Dates are just up on the site and I'll be doing a brand new course on natural dyeing with Earthues natural dye extracts too so it promises to be a fun year!

Saturday, 23 February 2008


Remember the rabbit skeleton? Today Dad and Will decided to take a leaf from Kathy Reichs (writer of Bones the tv series with David (how hot is he?) Boreanaz (aka Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and prepare the bones they'd collected (no, I don't know what for either).

So, after a quick trawl of google, armed with a "recipe" for preserving bones, off they went to the kitchen. Thankfully I toddled off to Spinning Guild for the day as the smell - ugh! I walked in and nearly walked straight back out again. All I can say is it's just as well it was good weather and we could have all the doors and windows open. Still, Will is very happy with his finds so I suppose I should be grateful he has such an inquiring mind! Bizarrely, I wanted to be a pathologist from being about 6 (too much Quincy), so maybe that's where he gets it from.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Weekend walking - fresh air at last!

Just come back from the loveliest weekend with my oldest friend (friend I have known longest, not "old" oldest!). It was our first weekend away since we started the extension and the first time I'd seen Clare in over 18 months. The weather was glorious and we did two walks round where she lives. Much as I love Cheshire I sure miss my home countryside in Yorkshire. Wills discovered a rabbit skeleton and insisted we bring it home (yuck!). A mega-curry (veggie, not rabbit), long chats and laughs into the wee small hours - perfect.

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Knitting at Waterstones

Met up with Vicky, Jacky and Lisa yesterday at Waterstones in Bolton. The plan was to discuss a charity event for National Knitting Week, but, as is the way with these things, by the time we'd done catching up and sharing news, it was already lunchtime. Vicky and Laurie surprised us with an invite to lunch at a gorgeous restaurant and I had a great time meeting Laurie, Perran, Storm and Beck (and the mice!). Then it was onto the rather more mundane task of looking for a new sofa and returning some curtains! (No, we still haven't picked a sofa - getting close tho' - honest!)
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