Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Wot no.... decorator

Was completely bushed yesterday after a frantic week doing next month's tech feature and pattern for Simply Knitting. No rest for the wicked tho' as the decorator was due to arrive today to tidy up the paintwork and finish off the decorating in the kitchen. So last night we had to shift all the furniture in the living room (again), putting it all in the middle so the decorator could get to all the walls. We gave up at 1.30am and collapsed into bed. This morning the phone rings - the decorator has rung in sick - aaaargh!!! Of course, I hope he's better soon and feel bad that he's not well, but the thought of spending a week living (literally) in the middle of a pile of boxes is enough to make me look for the nearest travelodge! Oh well, I'm sure we'll get by - at least it's an excuse to go to our fabulous all-you-can-eat £10 indian buffet restaurant. Wow, I can smell those paneer tikka kebabs already - yum!

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