Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Enter entrelac

Ever volunteered for something then realised you have no idea how you're going to do whatever it is you've just enlisted for? Yes, that was me when I suggested to Deb at Simply Knitting that I do the next tech feature and pattern on entrelac knitting. It's funny how some knitting techniques just pass you by and entrelac was one such technique for me. Anyway, lots of research and practicing later, I figured I'd cracked it. Not only that, it was heaps more fun than I expected. It was also an excuse to dye up some of our scrumptious super chunky pure wool yarn. The mag comes out on 28 Feb so it will be interesting to see whether it looks as nice as it was to knit! Can't put a pic on as the finished cushion went straight to Simply Knitting, but here are some of the new colours in the yarn....

1 comment:

Crobbles said...

You mad rash thing!
The cushion looks great. I was too taken with the fab socks to realise the cushion was your design too.

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