Tuesday, 23 November 2010

What happened to October?

Whistlestop tour of highlights from October.....

29th October was the first gig of a friend's new band, Navigation Road. (For those of you not au fait with the area, Navigation Road is probably most famous as a stop on the Met to Altrincham!). It was a great night with a good turnout from Will's teachers (the guitarist is a science teacher at Will's school). Looking forward to the next gig at Flaming Galah in Alty on 10 December - see you there!

30th October - Marigolds akimbo with a day spent cleaning the bathrooms, then into Domestic Goddess mode with a spot of baking. Just pass me the polish for that halo!

31st October - The totally awesome Robert Plant and Band of Joy at the Palace. We could only get seats in the circle so the view wasn't great but The Man was amazing and well worth the crushed legs and overpriced canned beer : )).  Reworked versions of some of my favourite Led Zep classics were spellbinding and the new work, if a little on the country side for me at times, was still great.He might be over 60 but he still rocks (and I still would).

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