Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Things I learned today....

One: Multi-tasking is not always a useful thing (if you doubt this, see below)

Two: Don't wash more fleece than you have time/energy/space to wash, rinse and dry. By 3pm I had several grungy buckets full of fleece, nowhere to dry it, but worse, no energy to rinse it!

Three: Don't start a mega-dyeing session shortly before your son's GCSE options meeting if you don't want to look like a toddler after a playgroup painting session!

Four: (and I can't believe I did this one!). Don't put your fleece in the microwave when it's still full of soap (unless you want a lovely pile of pretty-coloured felt!).

I think I need a cup of tea and a sit down..... file me under "n" for numpty.....


Crobbles said...

I think you need a large slab of chocolate cake too!

Debbie said...

Oh, I so do! Is it calorie-free if someone else suggested it??

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