Thursday, 26 March 2009

Fibre and sock club piccies - Springtime is here!

In all the excitement I nearly forgot to post pics of this month's clubs, so here they are!

This month's themed colourway was Springtime (no prizes for guessing the inspiration for this one!).

Sock medley clubbers were treated to a multi-layered colour blend on a base of merino/nylon superwash. (I got the urge to add something about drizzled with a lemon coulis then for some reason - note to self: Must stop watching Masterchef re-runs whilst writing blog...)

Anyway, enough of cookery, back to the important stuff. Rovers received a Falkland Isles handpainted roving in daffodil lemons, bluebell and fresh spring greens (man, it's food again - will go and cook something after this)

Last but definitely not least, our Fibre Adventurers received a scrummy parcel of Falkland Isles roving, British Romney lamb's fleece (1st shearing), and some sheeny, shiny bamboo roving. It was fun using the two different dyeing methods for the animal and plant fibres and co-ordinating the colours, even if it means two separate dye sessions. I think it was worth it!

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