Friday, 6 March 2009

Naked knitting 2010 - go Knitting Noras, go!

We all know that knitters are warm, caring folk, but, contrary to popular belief, they don't all wear twinsets and knit Shreddies (well, not all the time)!

And to prove it, here is an absolutely fantastic idea to raise funds for the Christie Cancer Hospital.

Bolton's Knitting Noras are getting their kit off for cancer and are producing a Naked Knitting Calendar. As someone who's twice gone the rounds with cancer, this is a cause particularly close to my heart, and I hope you'll all whizz on over to their fab blog and give them lots and lots of support.

So, go sign up to their blog, pass on the word to all your friends and lets make them the most famous naked knitters in the world!


Ruth said...

What a great idea! Bare yarn and bare ladies!

Crobbles said...

Thanks for this Debbie :-)

I'm sure we will be calling on you and all your wooly goodies at some point. We have one shot planned called "Yarn Porn!" Now there's a working title to conjure up all sorts of images :-)

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