Monday, 30 March 2009

Lawn and Border

Spent Sunday afternoon trying to tame the sprawling border where I foolishly planted a tiny bamboo plant 18 months ago. My advice? Do not plant bamboo unless you want to spend many unhappy hours digging it out from under your path, lawn, pond edging, under all your shrubs etc etc. That stuff is rampant!! It has undermined some of my favourite shrubs and one of my lovely penstemons just fell clean over when I pulled at a bit of bamboo root. It had obviously burrowed its way underneath, strangling the roots of the penstemon until it couldn't survive : ((

Okay, so I had the best upper body and thigh workout I've had in ages as I hauled on the deepest, horriblest roots, but I only cleared a tiny area and there's still loads to go : (
- where's Charlie Dimmock when you need her????

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