Sunday, 1 March 2009

Not an Inkling

Yesterday was Guild day (or "Coven day" as Pete affectionately calls it!). It was my favourite kind of meeting where everyone just turns up and does their thing (no speaker etc.). Speakers and workshops are fab, but sometimes it's just nice to spend a day catching up on gossip, spinning, eating cake (especially Anne's homemade malteser cake - yum!) and just chilling out. There was an informal Inkle Weaving session, but as my Inkle Loom hasn't seen the light of day in, ooh, about 10 years and still has the original weaving on it, I thought I'd stick to spinning and work on the blankie yarn.

So what of the blankie? Well, whilst I can't say I'm enjoying spinning it as much as I expected, I think the yarn will do the job when it's finished. It is fabulously springy and I'm finally getting to grips with keeping it slubby and not reverting to my natural, smooth, dk spin. I've promised myself I won't spin anything else until I've at least plied up a couple more bobbins' worth. I am dangling myself the carrot of spinning up my own little samples of the Fibre Club fibres, so this is spurring me on. I sooooo need to spin something lush.......

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