Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Blankie - finally started spinning!

After losing the pattern for our new living room "blankie" I thought I was going to have to re-think the whole project. Thankfully, Judy came to my rescue and lent me her copy, so I'm back up and running again - yay!

So I scooped up my big pile of batts and spun up the first couple of bobbins. I specifically want this yarn to be "art yarn" (lumpy-bumpy) as some of the fibres are quite old and some is from the "less desirable" parts of the fleece (think daggy areas!). I know everyone says that once you've learned to spin fine, it's hard to go back to lumpy yarns, but it is so true! It took ages to persuade myself to let all those lumps and clumps disappear into the orifice. But it was worth it! Here are the first couple of skeins, some of the batts and the yarn on the bobbin. The skein in brown is from a local jacob flock and will be the contrasting smooth yarn to complement the lumpy "57 varieties" yarn.

This is the first "me" project I've made for absolutely ages and it's really nice to have a proper hobby project on the go.

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