Friday, 23 January 2009

January Fibre Club yummies

Now I have the tax return out of the way I can tell you how much fun I had with this month's Fibre Club. As you know, I have two fibre clubs. One is the Roving Medley, a different fibre and an exclusive colourway each month. The other, which I just love doing, is my Fibre Adventure Club.

For this club I get to hunt out lots of interesting and exciting fibres, dye them all up in scrumptious, harmonious colourways, then send them out into the world and wait to see what my lovely members do with them. This month's Adventure was a luscious parcel of silk hankies, merino/tencel roving and Shetland fleece. I dyed a little extra (oops!), so I'm keeping that for myself as a sample (well, you have to, really - you know, in case anyone wants to know what they might get). When I've spun up my samples, I'll post pics - there, I've committed now, so I'll actually have to do it (and you can nag me if I don't!).

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