Tuesday, 10 February 2009

January Fibre Adventure and Roving Medley Club

Just a couple of quick pics of the lovely fibre selection members of the Fibre Adventure Club and Roving Medley Club received in January.

This month's Roving Medley was a luscious, blended merino/silk. Fibre Adventurers received a scrummy parcel of merino/silk, silk hankies and Shetland fleece. The Shetland comes from a small local flock in Cheshire and the lady who keeps them is an excellent spinner so she really "knows her onions" when it comes to a good fleece for the handspinner. February's package will include fleece from another small, local flock but I won't spoil the surprise! If you'd like to join a unique experience and expand your fibre horizons, there are just a couple of places left and you can sign up here.

(Oh, and as I've had lots of interest from customers outside the UK, look out for an International membership coming soon).


Ruth said...

I wish I were a spinner. I'm not and anyhow I'd rather be knitting. BUT, if I were a spinner, I'd buy all your goodies up and spin forever.

Debbie said...

Fear not, Ruth, we will tempt you over to the Dark Side eventually - muwhahaha......!

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