Monday, 16 February 2009

Natural dyeing at the hut

kate's dip-dyeing
Not Pizza Hut, the scout hut : )

Saturday was the first Natural dyeing workshop of the year and we got off to a great start with everyone going away with over 70 different colour samples from our expanding range of Hue & Dye and Earthues natural dye extracts.

It was a busy day with a myriad of colours emerging from bubbling pots, and exciting clingfilmed parcels being carefully unwrapped to reveal their gorgeous, hand-painted hues. We dip-dyed, squirted, painted and colour-modified and, as you can see from Kate's luscious plummy merino boucle sample (above), natural dyes need not mean pastels!

Kathleen paints a skein on clingfilm ready for microwavingA big thank you to Kate, Kathleen and Margaret for coming along (and I hope you all got to put your feet up when you got home! You all worked very hard!).

And good luck with your finals, Margaret : )

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