Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Club pics August - Red Rubin

In between busy shows, teaching at Knit Camp and the school holidays, I was planting up my first dye garden (more of which to follow). I hadn’t thought of basil as a dyeplant but apparently there are lovely yellows and greens to be had from the flower tops. Even if they don’t pan out, I can always use plenty of basil and this one, Red Rubin, has the most fabulous deep red-burgundy-purple leaves, perfect for a yarn colourway! So August's colourway was Red Rubin, after my new seedlings (which, incidentally, are still alive although a bit windswept by the recent weather).

To show off the glossy tones of the basil leaves I chose shiny fibres ; )

Merino/tencel for Sock Club members...

Roving Medley was a lovely merino/tencel roving....

And for Fibre Adventure Club members - merino/tencel roving, cheviot fleece and a gorgeous mini-braid of lustrous, pure kid mohair.


Crobbles said...

I was so tempted to pop one of these in my basket ;-)

Debbie said...

You know I do it to test your willpower ; )

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