Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Club pics June - Game, Set & Match

A whistle-stop tour of the last few month's clubs starting with June...

For sock clubbers - alpaca/wool/nylon blend - almost too soft to part with : )

Roving medley was an equally soft organic merino/alpaca blend. The alpaca is a natural pale beige which lends interesting extra tone to the colourway.

And Fibre Adventure Club for June was a tasty blend of organic merino/alpaca roving, romney fleece and some gorgeous baby camel/silk roving.

The inspiration for this month (in case you hadn't guessed!), was Wimbledon. (Wow, those hot, sunny days are like a distant memory!).


Crobbles said...

How did I miss this one! Gorgeous

Crobbles said...
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Debbie said...

Thank you : )
It's about the closest I think I'll ever come to showing an interest in tennis!

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