Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Crochet design part two...Back to School backpack

The second part of my "How To" crochet feature is in this month's Simply Knitting! My copy arrived yesterday and even after four years of working with them, I still get excited when I see my designs in the magazine : )

It's knitted in my new 100% chunky wool and the yarn is currently on special offer. There are 17 colourways currently available with more in the pipeline, but as always, you can have any of my yarns in any colourway on the site so if you'd like one that isn't shown in the wool yarn, just let me know.

And, as I know how frustrating it can be trying to find all the bits and bobs to finish a pattern, I've also put together a complete pack of notions to go with the pattern. It has all the accessories you'll need - straps and adjusters, fasteners, key chain, drawstring and toggle - also on special offer!

The "How To" this month covers making circles and tubular fabrics and pics are, of course, courtesy of my fab hubby. How he manages to make my multi-hued dyer's hands look presentable is anyone's guess! (Yes, they really are my hands!).

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