Saturday, 2 October 2010

Holiday - the final day

It might have been the last day but we were determined to enjoy it! A trip to Padstow for souvenir (er, well, fudge and chocolate) purchases, Cornish pasties (what else?) and a going home present for me of a hand-drawn henna tattoo. I've always fancied a real one but I can't think of one design I'd want to have for the rest of my days so I went for the more flexible alternative. I think I shall have to learn how to do henna painting myself as I could get seriously into this!

There was also a rather unexpected, last-minute surprise.

Sitting in Padstow harbour was the Dawn Treader! Yes, for Narnia fans out there, I can report that the next installment is on the way and there is, indeed, a full-size Dawn Treader. And you could go on board too, how totally cool! Doesn't it look amazing?

Oh, and just before we left the house the boys wanted a picture of their cereal tower. I could try to explain how this was a prototype for a chimney to send carbon emissions outside the galaxy to solve the global warming problem but you'd probably think we were bonkers. It is, however, a lot of cereal for three people to have eaten in a week!


Crobbles said...

Wow, what a beautiful design :-)
I can't get my head round tattoos, but I love the henna versions.

NorthernDyes said...

You should totally do henna painting! I used to a lot of it round these parts, it's not that difficult if you have a steady hand. I even was able to get JW to do part of my belly tattoo for when Jack was born. It's the only time he tried his hand at it and it turned out marvelous! You just need henna powder, lemon juice, and sugar really. You can make your own carrot bags with 3mil plastic and packing tape.

Debbie said...

No, I can't quite bring myself to commit to a real tattoo (despite being an avid follower of Miami Ink). Henna ones are much more my thing.

Libby, if I'd had a belly tattoo when I was expecting Will it would have taken too much henna! I was sooo huge! (And there wasn't much wandering around in crop tops to show it off in early January - way too cold even with "baby insulation"!)

NorthernDyes said...

Oh my, I was not showing off my belly to anyone at 9mos! Although I did have him away from home and the staff got a kick out of it :) People did get to see the goose and boar I had on my back every time I bent over though... (fertility and strength for the labor.) I wonder what happened to the CD w/ pics of that. I remember I'd designed all the knotwork on my own and it was quite insane. When I was getting further along with my second the doctor started asking what design we were going to do, lol!

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