Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Spicy Squares Throw - Latest design for Simply Knitting

I was rather pleased when Simply Knitting asked if I could create rich, spicy colours for this month's design as I've been planning to make a throw in these colours for some time but never quite got round to it (nothing new there!).

We own a lovely blanket, handknitted by Pete's Nana as a going away present when he went to University. That was, erm, let's just say quite a few years ago, and it is looking a bit "well-loved " (which it has been). Not only that, but now that Will is nearly as big as his Dad, there just isn't enough of it to go round so we all try to curl up under it and fight over who gets to sit in the middle as they get the warmest spot!

So, as soon this blanket makes its way back to Tomkies Towers it will be an excellent addition to our living room and will hopefully be as well-loved as its companion.

(Of course, then it will be two blankets between three of us - hmmm, I feel another design may be required....)

Ooh and nearly forgot, there are two lovely new shades in our squishy Bluefaced Leicester Aran yarn, Paprika and Cinnamon and, even more exciting, all the shades are on offer at £8 instead of £8.90 per 100g skein.


Crobbles said...

I remember seeing glimpses of these squares a few time, but I must say, it looks glorious altogether. Laurie wants a crochet blanket (well blanket at least) for our garden swing. I think this one might tick all the boxes!

Shani said...

This is lovely - colour and stitches might even buy a copy so as to make it...


Debbie said...

Thanks for the lovely comments!

It's always nice to know when I've hit the spot with a pattern : )

Mimi said...

Love the color combination and the stitches.Everything is perfect.Can you tell me how I order this copy online.I tried the Simply Knitting Website,but it's not there.

Mimi said...

Sorry about being so impatient Debbie.I got the url this time.


Honestly you have an amazing talent and I hope I'll learn that pattern when I get my issue.

Debbie said...

Thank you Mimi, that's so kind of you. I do hope you enjoy the pattern when it arrives, but let me know if you have any queries, I'm always happy to help. Debbie xx

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