Friday, 26 February 2010


Went to see Lostprophets last night, supported by Kids in Glass Houses. We were right at the front (I know, not very dignified for a Mum with a teenager, but there you go), and now I feel like I'm in a little bubble of buzziness as I can't hear a thing! I should know better really but there is something about the bass vibrating through your body that is just great. And as for spending two hours jumping up and down singing your heart out, well, give me that over an aerobics class any day! I'll swear I used up some serious calories!

Not so sure about paying £3.50 for a can of Tetley's (daren't tell my Mum, she'll keel over in horror), but all in all a fab night.

I have some (very wobbly) pics on my phone but still can't work out how to get them off onto the pc. So, as I didn't get any pics, here's a youtube vid of Kids in Glass Houses at the Apollo last year which is from about where we were standing. And Lostprophets from the same spot (we were at this one but it isn't my footage!).


Crobbles said...

You wild thing you!
I hope you were suitably clad in some fab rock chic gear :-)
I haven't been to a gig in a very long time, but his one sounds like it was a cracker.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, Kids in Glass Houses are awesome! I think me and Charl were at that Apollo gig :)

Debbie said...

I hope I looked suitably cool - not quite ready to give up the rock look in favour of slimma slacks just yet ; )

Yes, it was a great gig. Can't have you missing out tho'. We'll have to find a good band and have a girly rock night soon ; )

Debbie said...

Hi Kate : ) Kids in Glass Houses were indeed really good. We very rarely see the support band (too disorganised to get there early enough!) so it was lucky that we were so early as they were well worth it. Are you seeing them at the Academy in May? 4th I think at Academy 2.

Jo said...

Rock on Debbie, I saw alot of people wearing earplugs at the HC gig, kind of missing the point of a live gig for me somehow!

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