Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Three tax returns, a workshop and two birthdays!

There's nothing I like better than a nice, quiet weekend. Or at least I think I do, even if I can't really remember when I last had one!

Saturday was dyeing at the Hut. It was a fun-filled, busy day and there were lots of gorgeous yarns on show when we finished. Then it was home to meet up with the in-laws who were visiting to celebrate Will and Pete's birthdays. Pizza for tea with Hellboy on blu-ray. Lovely!

Sunday morning brought a rather rude awakening with me realising it was 31st Jan and I had three tax returns to submit! Luckily I had done most of the work, but after locking myself out of the account for two hours and forgetting the access password, I was getting pretty stressed I can tell you! This wasn't helped by Pete coming down with a migraine, so in between popping in and out to entertain our guests, I was uploading tax data onto the online filing system. I'm pleased (for which read relieved), to say that I got the returns in on time, made a roast dinner for lunch and even made homemade Yorkshire puds : )

And yes, I had an early night on Sunday!


Mousy Brown said...

Sounds hectic! Glad you got it all done in time - I have been spinning and blending our indigo/woad stuff today at the guild - will post some photos soon :D

Debbie said...

Ooh, goody, look forward to seeing them! D xx

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