Wednesday, 3 February 2010

December club pics

Catching up with clubs next, here are the pics for December's clubs....

Lovely lichen was this month's theme, inspired (not surprisingly), by lichens and mosses.

Now I have a confession to make - all the extras for this club sold out so quickly I only have the little sample I kept for myself and I'd already started spinning it before I realised I hadn't taken any photos! So at the top of the post is the last extra skein of December's sock yarn in 100% merino superwash yarn, which I did manage to photograph just before I posted it.

Only a little bit of the Bluefaced Leicester roving left, but here it is....

And here is the Fibre Adventure club, throwsters waste, Bluefaced Leicester roving and Shropshire x BFL fleece.

And here is the spinning so far!

I took lengths of the roving in sections to preserve the colours and stripped them lengthways. After predrafting I spun z twist for a single ply at around a fingering weight. I interspersed the roving with carded rolags of the fleece, blended with the throwsters. I cut the throwsters to give short lengths and trapped them in the yarn as I spun it. The second bobbin will be a single ply of the roving and I'm aiming for a yarn with smooth sections alternating with textured highlights.

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