Wednesday, 3 February 2010

January clubs - don your sunglasses!

The theme for this month was something of a contrast from December. "Fruit Salad" is inspired by one of my favourite sweeties from childhood. I just loved those brightly coloured, fruity chews (who am I kidding, I still buy them as my little treat after posting the parcels!).

We had a good laugh when discussing these with friends - I remember them being three for halfpence, then being scandalised when they went up to three for a penny. This led to discussions about the price of mars bars and milky ways, spangles, pacers, flying saucers and kop kopps. Ok, now I feel old so I'm going to stop....

Crikey, nearly forgot the fibres in all that reminiscing!

Here's the sock yarn, soft and luxurious alpaca/nylon....

Roving - squishy Falkland

and, at the top, Fibre Adventure - Falkland roving, baby camel/silk blend and Jacob fleece.

Don't adjust your sets folks, I have something subtle and sultry planned for next month....

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