Tuesday, 23 March 2010


My first gardening foray of the year and here's what I did.....

I found the madder I planted last year survived the winter, despite it's less than ideal growing spot - yippee!

The front garden looked much better after a bit of a makeover




(I also needed a makeover - specifically, a long soak in the bath to soothe my tired limbs and a footspa!). Luckily you have been spared the prospect of that photo!

But, I also spotted these:
Lots of frog spawn!!!

(Photographed it while it lasts. Usually the fish eat a good half of them - yuck!). Hopefully there will be enough left to ensure we get at least some frogs later in the year. I need them to eat the bazillions of snails and slugs that insist on munching on my dyeplants and lupins : (

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Crobbles said...

Our frogs have only just started popping up and there's not much singing yet. We did a heap in the garden too. A hot Lush bath soon sorted me out :-)

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