Thursday, 28 April 2011

Thank you to the SGS knitting club!

Tuesday was the last of this term's knitting club at school as the time has come for exams and other such things. I've had a fantastic time and it's been great to see the students' skills and confidence grow over the weeks with everyone producing at least one item (several in some cases!) over the term. I'm hoping to round up some photos of the finished projects to show you in due course but in the meantime I thought you might like to see the lovely flowers (note that the flowers match my hair!) and card I received as a thank you. Not that any thank you was necessary - I've enjoyed the course at least as much as the girls I'm sure!

We are hoping to organise more projects so I'll be putting together ideas for next term soon. If you have a teen in the family, what would appeal to them? It doesn't need to be knitting as long as it's textiles-related. Much as I love him, the DS isn't the best source of info. on what 11-16yo girls like making so all suggestions gratefully received!

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