Sunday, 24 April 2011

New patterns available to download!

After much procrastinating I'm finally working my way through all my designs and making them available for download via Ravelry. There are already a few available but today I've uploaded "Spirals" - a bag made of French knitted swirls. Memories of cotton reels and nails anyone? We used to call it knitting nancy or french knitting. How about you?

picture of pattern 022 'Spirals' french knitted bag by Debbie Tomkies of DT Craft and Design
p.s. It can be made in just about any 4ply yarn (or DK if you tweak the size a bit) so if you fancied a multi-coloured version it would be a cool way to use up those sock yarn leftovers. Or why not incorporate a bit of fancy fluff or sparkle? Mine uses some sparkly sewing threads that were a freebie from Classic Stitches magazine.

My second upload for today is my Helter Skelter socks. These were one of my first sock designs for Simply Knitting. Because they are knitted as a tube there are no heels to knit - great for a first sock! This is the subtle colourway "Iris" that you may have seen on our stall at shows (I'm not allowed to wear these!).

picture of 'Helter Skelter' heel-less tube socks knitted in DT Craft and Design pure wool DK in shade 'Iris'

picture of 'Helter Skelter' heel-less tube socks knitted in DT Craft and Design pure wool DK in shade 'Iris'

Instead I have a pair in the erm, less subtle "I Want Candy" shade.

image of DT Craft and Design pure wool DK sock yarn in shade 'I Want Candy'

I've been wearing mine for ages and because they are knitted as a tube they can be rolled around the foot which cunningly avoids wear at the heels and ankles. Neat!

Knit them in any DK sock yarn - I love them in my Alpaca/Wool/Nylon DK - specially designed for socks and very gentle on the feet - yum!


Linda Gilbert said...

Hi! That bag is awesome. I never thought anything could result from a " French Knitting " machine " :)
I have really enjoyed looking at your blog. Thank you x

Daisylaines said...

I really love the bag idea too - my daughter wants to start french knitting, I was searching if there was something to do with it beyond coasters and large rugs, this is wonderful! Thanks!

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