Saturday, 23 April 2011

Spun Sock Workshop

picture of exterior of Spun shop, Byram Arcade, Huddersfield
Returning from the digression in the last post, I had a lovely visit to Spun in Huddersfield last month. Beginner's sock knitting was the order of the day and I had a lovely group of students who very quickly (amidst the laughter!) grasped all the sock essentials.

students knitting Debbies Super Simple DK socks

We worked on five dpns which was new to most of the group and we made a pair of my Super Simple DK socks (available for free download on my Ravelry pattern page in my smooshy alpaca/wool/nylon DK yarn. I have this yarn in both DK and 4ply weight specially spun for socks and it is already becoming my sock yarn of choice for my own socks!

knitted sock in progress with DT Craft and Design alpaca wool nylon DK yarn

 Lydia's shop is expanding fast and she has added some lovely new yarns since my last visit (possibly something to do with the deep discussions she was in with the trade reps when I bumped into her at the Stitches trade fair in Birmingham in February, perhaps?). The shop is located in a beautiful Victorian arcade (yes, Yorkshire had malls way before the Trafford Centre and Bluewater!) and there are some super shops in there - vintage clothes, jewellery, cookware - and not forgetting the tattoo parlour if you feel so inclined!

And here are Lisa's tiger feet in progress....

knitting in progress with DT Craft and Design alpaca wool nylon DK yarn in shade 'Gingernut'

 ---and the finished article(s) - beautifully completed (and stylishly modelled!) - thanks Lisa : )

Liz's completed socks knitted in DT Craft and Design alpaca wool nylon DK yarn in shade 'Gingernut'


NorthernDyes said...

Oooh! I can knit on new yarn while they tattoo me! Looking forward to it already. :D

Debbie said...

You would so love the arcade and the traditional market, too. Huddersfield is a very old town that owed much of its prosperity to its woollen textile history. Lots of "dark, satanic mills" (sadly most now apartments), but a beautiful place to visit. Still on the temp. tattoos personally but will watch in awe while you have yours!

NorthernDyes said...

Some day I will def get a real tat and it'll be wonderful. For now I've still only got the stones for henna ones. Considering the fact that I still like to rotate my hair color every other month... (well parts of it at least.) But when I break down and do it I can think of no one better to keep me company!

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