Friday, 24 July 2009

Indigo and Woad workshop - the pics

Finally found the pics from the Indigo and Woad workshop earlier this month. It was a great day, although we did rather surprise the scouts when they came to unpack from camp and found these strange women with brightly coloured hair huddled over steaming pots on a portable stove! Oddly enough, they were very well-behaved and moved faster than your average group of teenagers - Mmm, wonder why?????

If you're in the area in November (and particularly if you like scaring scouts into thinking you're some kind of witch), I have another course running on Saturday 7th. And if you can't make November but can get a few friends and a venue together, I can always bring the course to you - just email me for details : )

And in case you're wondering why there are lots of things which aren't blue in this pic, we did some really interesting overdyeing too. These samples are madder, cochineal and weld (not all at once!), overdyed with combinations of woad and indigo and/or modified with iron, citric acid and sodium carbonate. Nice work, girls!


Crobbles said...

Put me down, put me down :-) On the list for the next woad workshop that is!

Debbie said...

Consider it done : ))

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