Thursday, 30 April 2009

Whacked out from Wonderwool

Had a fab time at Wonderwool, meeting friends, catching up on news and gossip (and doing a bit of selling too!). I'm busy catching up on blogs as I didn't get to see anything but the coffee stand opposite (very nice coffee and very handy), so if anyone has posted any pics, do send me a link so I can see what I missed!

As a result I failed miserably to spend any money on yarny stuff, although I did bag a couple of lovely woad plants from Helen Melvin of Fiery Felts , some yummy veggie scotch eggs, two (yes, count 'em), helpings of sticky toffee cheesecake courtesy of the pudding compartment and a huuuuge choccy cake as a pressie for ds and nan as they had to stay at home guinea-pig sitting. All in all a bit of a calorific disaster - just as well humphing all the boxes back into the van then out again and into the house used up lots of them (tho' probably not enough if my waistband is anything to go by - oops!).

Back now and just about caught up on the practical stuff. Not sure what has happened to the garden - suddenly everything has exploded into life and the plants which were barely visible when we left are suddenly competing with the even more visible weeds. Guess what I'll be doing on Sunday?


ambermoggie said...

Good to meet you again at wonderwool, there are pictures on my blog:)

Debbie said...

Thanks Amber, lovely to see you too. Just as well I didn't get off the stall looking at all that lovely stuff - I know where our takings would have ended up : )

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