Thursday, 9 April 2009

Knit 'n' Go in bag in Simply Knitting!

This week has been a busy one!

I've had a new pattern featured in Simply Knitting this month. Regular visitors may remember the "Knit 'n' Go" felted project bag which I launched as a new Kool Aid dye-it-yourself kit just before Christmas. Well, the bag is this month's designer challenge and I've added a little dpn pouch to go with the bag pattern. The idea of the bag is that you can fasten it to a belt and knit anywhere. I love mine for sock projects as it stops my yarn rolling around the floor and wrapping itself round chair legs!

The little pouch fastens to the outside of the bag to stash your unused dpns, scissors etc while you're knitting, but then can be unbuttoned and tucked into the bag when you're done. Of all the projects I've designed this is probably the one I've used most of all and I rarely travel without it.

To celebrate the publication, I've also created a range of hand-dyed shades in the alpaca yarn for those of you who aren't into dyeing (yet!) and there are more new colourways in the pipeline (well, on the dryer actually).

Better yet, both the Kool Aid kit and the hand-dyed yarn are on offer, too!

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