Sunday, 19 April 2009


Can't believe that in 5 days from now we'll be in sunny (hopefully) Builth Wells for this year's Wonderwool festival!

Today has been mega-busy. Pete's been weighing lots of fibres, including our new Wensleydale combed top and our very special new British Kid Mohair combed top. I hope you all like it as much as I do (then again, if you don't, do I get to spin all of it?......mmm, interesting thought - a win/win really!).

I've been yarn skeining and labelling whilst juggling lots of pans and vats of dye. I've got rare breed fleece and roving on the stove, some natural dyed, some synthetic dyed, so there's a bit of colour to brighten up the stall. Unlike previous shows, I may actually have some dyed fibres for sale for a change - not lots, just a few tasters, really, to show what can be done with our natural dye extracts. Although at this rate, I still have so much to do, don't hold your breath!

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