Monday, 25 August 2008

Pauline's and the first cream tea - yum!

Newquay today for wetsuit for Matt, new waveboard for Will (and a renewed hunt for the elusive Wii controller). Big tick for the wetsuit and waveboard, sad cross for the Wii controller : (

However, the boys seem happy with "old skool" games so I for one am pleased we couldn't get one, if I'm honest. It's nice to have some fun with good old-fashioned games, even if that does make me sound like I'm ready to hang up my pipe and slippers and shuffle off this mortal coil. Besides (cue cunningly evil laugh), I have a fighting chance of beating them at Ludo, but no hope of beating them on the Wii - muhahaaa......!

Today was also the perfect excuse for a trip to our fave lunchtime haunt, Pauline's, in Newquay. Huge cakes, yummy pasties and the friendliest service for miles. Good job I don't live here or I'd be the size of a house!

Next stop, Watergate bay for the first waveboarding session. Fabulous waves even tho' the tide was going out. It's the next best thing to, well, you know.....

Oooh, I could do this every day......

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