Saturday, 23 August 2008

We are off to Cornwall (stage two)...

Arrived in Bristol late last night and stayed over with Pete's parents. This morning we collected the huge food box Pete's mum had very kindly put together for us and headed off, armed with enough sandwiches, snacks and cakes to feed an army! (It's a long journey, ok?)

When we arrived, first priority for the boys was to set up the Wii - only to find that Will had left the controllers behind (!). This necessistated a mad dash to Tesco to see if they had any (they didn't) so it was back to the cottage for pizza and a hunt thro' the games the owners had provided. We had a great evening playing chess, dominoes and a particularly ruthless, "take no prisoners" game of ludo. Phew, we're a competitive lot!

(Oh, and there was no internet so I won't be posting this lot until we get back....)

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