Friday, 22 August 2008

Off to Cornwall!

Despite promising myself that today would be spent getting ready for our trip, I was still packing orders at 3pm and made a last-minute dash to the post office at 4pm to get everything sent off before we went away.

Luckily (and this probably makes me the ultimate saddo) I still have the same packing list I've used for the last 3 trips to Cornwall (can't believe I just admitted that), so at least I knew what to pack. A hasty dusting off of the buckets, spades, waveboards and beach tent and it was on to clothes packing. Of course, the weather meant everything had to be packed, from wellies and waterproofs to strappy tops and shorts - the bags were fit to burst by the time I'd finished.

As I had half an hour to spare (!) and the weather was finally dry, I had a complete brainstorm and decided to cut the front lawn (well, the grass was practically knee-high). (The penalty for living in suburbia and "keeping up with the joneses").

One cut, strimmed, and raked lawn (and one very full car) later and we were ready to set off. Cornwall here we come!!! yippee!!!

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