Monday, 4 August 2008

Slip-stitch samples and design inspiration

I had the pattern books out this weekend to do some swatching for my next article in Simply Knitting . Although I will do anything to avoid doing a tension square, swatching for a new design is completely different - exciting and challenging, fun, yet at times frustrating, all rolled up into one wonderful package.

Even tho' may be sure I've got the right stitch pattern with my first swatch, I'll normally do a good few more before I make a final choice for a design. It helps me keep an open mind and try new things rather than always sticking to "safe" patterns. I keep my swatches in a big box and often come back to them for future designs. It's amazing how often a design which didn't make the cut triggers off an idea for another project.

At the moment I'm really into slip-stitch patterns. I chose two for my felted designs for Artesano and they were such fun, I was keen to use them some more in my designs. So, as my next Simply Knitting project will be a cover for a workbox and will need a nice, firm fabric, I
was pretty sure that this would be a perfect excuse for a rummage in my "inspirations" box for a nice slip-stitch pattern.

Several swatches later and I've decided on my design. I also have some new samples for my collection and some more ideas. Later, I shall be trying out the new open source photo-editing software Pete loaded onto the laptop for me to see if I can put some tasters up for you to see (altho' he said it looked quite complicated to use so don't hold your breath!)...

1 comment:

susan said...

Oh that's a good idea to keep the stitch swatches.

Ummmm, must pinch this one!

As I'm designing socks I just tend to knit in the round and frog if it's not right.

I'll have to have swatch rounds instead.

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