Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Imperial Leisure (x 2)

(No, this is not a trick photo - I really am that small!)

 Not content with seeing London-based Punk-Ska-Rock band Imperial Leisure once, we liked them so much we caught up with them twice in one week!

Charismatic, larger than life and with a sound to match, this is one excellent band! (And don't be fooled by the t-shirts - IL are anything but average!).

Here they are at Manchester Academy...

 And at the Cockpit, Leeds...

Oh, and the band are keen supporters of Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) and their t-shirts are promoting the Save the Male Campaign.

To quote the charity "The campaign against living miserably (CALM) exists to prevent male suicide in the UK.  Suicide accounted for the deaths of more young men in England & Wales in 2011 than road death, murder and HIV/AIDs combined." 

Calm are a small charity, tackling a big problem, and there are events, music and loads of great stuff on their site, so whether this is an issue that affects you directly, indirectly or not, it's well worth a visit.

If energetic punk-ska-rock is your thing, check out Imperial Leisure here....

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