Monday, 31 December 2012

Dyeing weekend with Grampian Guild

 What an epic drive but what a great weekend! Eight hours on the road each way, amazing scenery and a lucky break with the weather probably covers the journey nicely. Naturally there wasn't much chance to take photies en route but I couldn't resist trying to get a few snaps of the fantastic feats of engineering that are the Forth road and rail bridges. I can see these amazing structures featuring in some of my design work in future...

After a very comfortable evening and a most excellent veggie breaksfast we made our way to Chapel Garioch for two days of colourful fun!

We experimented with lots of techniques from solid colours,

Ball dyeing

Blank canvas sock blank painting

 And handpainting

We dyed handspun


Silk hankies


Sock blanks


We even kept the napkins we used to soak up excess dyes for papermaking!

Thanks for a great weekend, ladies!

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