Thursday, 27 December 2012

Costumier - spandex a speciality!

When your son decides to go to a Superheroes and Villains fancy dress party you're really hoping for something nice and simple you can buy/rent from the fancy dress shop. But where's the fun in that?

After thrashing around a few ideas we settled on Mr Freeze. All credit to Will, he had most of it planned out pretty quickly. However, it was a bit odd ordering black wellies, an all-in-one black lycra skinz body suit, a pair of electric blue tights, purple gloves and a bald cap! (You should see the ebay "if you bought this, you may also like this" recommendations on our ebay account!).

A quick trip to Bolton market for neon blue leggings, wadding, blue poster paint and sheets of stencilling acetate completed the materials list. From my packing materials stash we bagged some corrugated cardboard and set to work....

Inspiration photo and materials...
 Wristbands (cut off legs of the tights and cut into slices, wadding)
 Wrap strips of wadding around sections of tights legs
 Fold leg sections around wadding
 Stitch the leg strips around the wadding to make armband "doughnuts"
 Completed armbands
 Cutting out the pieces for the collar and helmet
 Making the collar
 Testing for size
 Need to add a zip to the body suit for, er, well, access!
 Painting the collar
 Stitching in the zipper
 Add one pair of steampunk goggles, one water gun (sorry, extreme ray gun), purple gloves and a pair of wellies - et Voila - Mr Freeze!


Susses spindehjørne said...

Great, thank you for the DIY

Debbie said...

My pleasure although the credit is due to Will really as the idea and planning was all his - I was simply the assistant! ;-)

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