Saturday, 12 January 2013

Finger-knitting good!


They say timing is everything and the Craft Club finger knitting session was perfectly timed, just ahead of an invite to teach finger knitting to the SGS 6th formers as part of their general studies experience day.

The plan was to have 15 students per session with 3 sessions and I did wonder if I would have full groups but I needn't have worried. My first session was full, for the second session half the first group asked if they could stay on as well as my second group. By the third session I had students from the first group and the second group both teaching the third group and a full contingent for the third session. Cascade training in action!!!

Longest finger-knit in progress....

And after an hour....

 And a lovely scarf, finished off with two cute pompoms (made using a plastic fork!)

It was a great day with lots and lots of knitting made so thanks to all the 6th formers for making it such a fun day and to the teachers for the invite :-)

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