Monday, 3 October 2011

"P" is for Proud Parent

This post is definitely a "double P" event!

GCSE results were out shortly before we went on hols and it was a time of nailbiting, sleepless nights and nervousness (me and the DH not the DS I hasten to add - he was reassuringly confident). The booking of a holiday not 24 hours after results day was starting to feel rather ill-advised and it was hard to concentrate on the packing.

Results were out at 10am and when I hadn't heard anything by 10.20am I was getting panicky. Deep breaths, happy thoughts (and tea) were in order. 10.28am and the news was in - 2A*s, 5As, 1B and 2Cs. All the right grades were in the right places (sciences) so a place at SGS was secured : )

Not being ones for leaving things to the last minute (!), this necessitated a Betty's Mad Dash to the Trafford Centre for suit shopping (6th formers wear proper suits) so he'd have at least one suit to wear when we got back. Pleased to say we weren't the only ones as we bumped into his bff in Topman, also purchasing suits!

(I know this may not strike you as us being overly confident about the results but we like to think of it as not tempting fate!).

Seeing Will in a full-on three-piece (suit not suite) was amazing. It was like someone had stolen my little boy and replaced him with a young man overnight. What happened to those first 16 years? He'll always be my baby of course, but I feel truly blessed to have such a great young man for a son. Well done, Will : )))

A rather out-of-sequence post brought to you by the ABC meme (I blame not being able to find the photos!)


Tracey Todhunter said...

That is fantastic news - you are right to be proud of him. I hope he's enjoying 6th form (and working suitably hard).

Debbie said...

Thanks : ) Yes, he's enjoying 6th form a lot and seems to be working hard - much better now he only has to do subjects he likes at any rate!

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