Wednesday, 5 October 2011

R is for...."R & R"

..."Rest & Relaxation" aka a quick holiday-related post....

Cornwall this year was fab as ever. We were hugely lucky with the weather and we stayed in the same house as last year so we had all our creature comforts (three large bedrooms and a shower/loo each!), nearby pub, best restaurant in Cornwall 5 mins away, our fave boarding beach and Padstow all within easy reach. Perfect!

I know photos of other people's hols are never as exciting as your own so I'll spare you the full album and share just a few of highlights of the week...

Clotted cream tea on arrival - nom nom : )

Dinner at the Journeyman - the best restaurant in Cornwall 

Sandcastle #1 (the first of many!)

Poldark Mine

The Eden Project

A trip up the biome platform - very high, very hot, super-humid (but worth the three trips round the dome to see if it was open!)

Not one to do if you suffer from vertigo!

 (Note my rather rosy cheeks!)

Labyrinth Circus at the Eden Project - awesome!

  And the Juggling Skills Workshop...

(Also note the obligatory tongue sticking out - an essential aid to any act requiring concentration!)

 The subject matter for my first "proper" watercolour  - there may be a pic of the acutal watercolour later but it's a bit "rudimentary"

Caaaaake! (At Pauline's in Newquay) And that pic does not convey the scale of those pieces, believe me!

And for you texture/colour lovers out there, I've uploaded some of the plants/buildings/rocks etc. onto my Pinterest page but here are a couple of my favourites...

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Caroline's Crafty Adventures said...

Fantastic pictures, the cakes look fantastic

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