Tuesday, 20 October 2009

New Boots!!! (Feel free to skip if you are not into shoes!)

I've been waiting just ages to post this (I know, it's a bit sad, but there you are).

(cue drum roll please...) My new boots have arrived : )))

Ordinarily this wouldn't merit a blog post, but these are custom handmade ones that I ordered when we were on holiday in Cornwall and they are just so special I thought you'd like to see them.

Just to fill in the back story a bit, this year we stayed in a most wonderful cottage in the middle of nowhere, the nearest civilization being St Agnes. Now it wasn't our best holiday ever since three of us (I was the lucky one to escape unscathed), were horribly ill and this effectively took out two days of our hol : (

Nonetheless, the boys were all very resilient and we still managed to do a bunch of stuff, with sandcastle building, bodyboarding and visits to various interesting places. One such place was St Agnes beach, well, more cove really as it is small (if perfectly formed!). As luck would have it, there are some lovely craft workshops there and one of the craftsmen is a shoemaker, Phil Runwater.

It was fairly quiet and we got chatting and well, I tried on a few boots (it would have been rude not to, right?). Anyway, because we'd had a bit of a miserable couple of days, and I haven't had any new boots since leaving my "proper" job, Pete insisted I treat myself to a pair. Naturally I protested but I eventually succumbed (ok, so I didn't take much persuading). So lots of umming and ahhing later, matching up colours, checking styles, I was all measured up and the deal was struck. Of course it was a bit weird to spend so long in a shop, hand over money and go away empty-handed, but it was absolutely worth it when this super-duper parcel arrived : ))

And they are just perfect!!!! I loooove them to bits! They are quite possibly the best present I've had since I got a Bay City Rollers tape for my ?th birthday (you'll have to work out what year for yourself, I've already said too much).

And here they are, wonderful no? Thank you Phil, you are fab : )))

And the pic at the top is, of course, me wearing them (sorry, rubbish photo as it is very difficult to photograph your own legs, but you get the idea)

(ooh, and do check out Phil's website - there aren't nearly enough pics to do his work justice, but if you are a shoe-o-phile, email or drop in and pay him a visit - you will be in shoe heaven!).


dreamcatcher said...

Those are gorgeous!

I know Phil's shop/workshop at St Agnes, my favourite jeweller ever (Bruce Crantock) has a shop at the front of the building :-)

BabyLongLegs said...

Good job they're not my size, Debbie...I'd be bopping you on the head and running off with them!!!


S xXx

Green Eyed Monsters said...

So beautiful, and very you!

Debbie said...

Thanks, Kate, I thought so too (altho' my ego was a bit deflated when someone said they looked like something out of LOTR and as I thought Arwen they said Frodo! Still, s'pose it could have been Golum!)

Debbie said...

You'd have to catch me first ; )
(mind you, I'm not that fast, even in my magic boots!)...

Debbie said...

Ooh yes, there was some fab jewellery. I can see lots of reasons for re-booking the same cottage next year ; )))

Crobbles said...

Gorgeous :-)
There is nothing quite like having handmade unique boots... well maybe hand knitted socks!

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