Wednesday, 7 October 2009

I'm in Knit Today! Wheeeee!!!!

Well, that kind of says it all, really. Yes, this month I am the featured designer in Knit Today's "In the Spotlight" feature - how totally cool is that? There's a bit more about it here on the website but I was so excited I thought I'd share it here, too : ))

A big thank you to Isobel who is modelling my new, eponymously titled "Isobel swirl-topped hat", and also to Katrina who is modelling the crocheted sunhat. (And thankfully there is only one pic of me to contend with!).

Ooh, and must mention that the socks are the Chevron de Paix socks that I designed for the p/hop project for Medecins sans Frontieres. The sock pattern is available for download from the Medecins sans Frontieres website with all donations going to support their excellent work.

(All the other patterns in the article are available for £2.50 each (free postage) but they're not on the website yet so if you'd like one, drop me an email and I'll send one out).


Crobbles said...

Very cool :-)
Will have to get a copy.

cedar said...

congrats, a star is fun to see, unfortunately don't think I can get the magazine in Canada..I have to settle for seeing my name in print on my own

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