Monday, 5 October 2009

Fibre clubs August pics - Damsons & Damsels

Catch up time again, folks! Here is August's roving medley fibre club, Damsons & Damsels. Intense shades of cerise, plum, black and deep charcoal it was a pig to photograph but worth it! The fibre is my merino/tencel stripe blend - the tencel adds lovely highlights against the rich tones of the merino.

This months' adventure selection was a beautiful collection of the merino/tencel, soy top and fleece from three little Shetland shearlings, a white, a grey and a black, which I dyed in varying shades of plum/maroon. Lots of lovely texture and tone to make something really special! The Shetland has such soft locks with the most delicate crimp, it's just irresistible : )

1 comment:

Crobbles said...

More delicious colours! I am still resisting the urge to learn to spin, but you are making it hard ;-)

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