Wednesday, 6 March 2013

From A-Z - Complete Knitting Skills - the finished product

My new book, Complete Knitting Skills is now available!

When the first copies dropped through the letterbox I was too excited to open the parcel! Eventually of course curiosity got the better of me and I am so thrilled with it (just as well really!).

There are two different covers depending whether you are buying the UK or the US edition. Both editions have the same content and video links and, (as anyone who has spoken to me in person will quickly notice) the same voiceover. So you are spared my dulcet Yorkshire tones although you do get to see my hands (and the manicures!). A big thank you to Meghan Fernandes for taking on the challenge of voicing over my knitting - not an easy task but handled brilliantly :-)

And on the subject of thank you's, a huge thank you to the Quarto team - Kate, Moira, Paul, Jo and especially to Katie who had to make sense of my corrections and scribbled annotations! And thank you to Simon for his photographic and video skills in making the samples and my hands look so glamorous (and for the pastries - very welcome after a long train journey from Manchester).

As always with books there are things I wish I could have covered and some things I could have written entire books about, but I hope I've given plenty of useful instruction for beginners as well as some interesting nuggets and new ideas for the more seasoned knitter. I learned a lot researching the book so I hope you'll find something in there that's new to you too.

It wouldn't be complete to finish without showing you (some) of the work that went into the book's production....

From knitting on the hoof...

Sample, sample, sample....

Say cheese....

Have I got all the right pages for the next shoot?

Some of the different edits.... (this was as many as I could hold!)

And making it all look easy....

Complete Knitting Skills is published by Search Press in the UK and Barrons in the US.We'll be stocking (signed) copies shortly but if you can't wait, you can have a peak inside at Amazon

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